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Tom Kerridge's Proper pub food - Pub Classics

Coming up in episode 4 of Tom Kerridge’s hit new TV show is Pub Classics. We’re expecting this to be one of the best episodes in the series as it’s all about what Tom does best and his pub food credentials have been confirmed with 2 Michelin stars. Pub Classics will include some of the best known pub dishes and will be as much a look down British pub gastronomy as an insight into making these classics into something new and exciting.

Tom Kerridge's Proper pub food - Outdoor Food

Episode 2 of 6 - Outdoor Food, coming Monday 30 September 2013 The latest episode of Tom Kerridge's popular TV show, Proper pub food is all about easting outdoors and draws inspiration from childhood meals in beer gardens around the country. Outdoor Food is all about good, simple pub grub with bit taste and hearty helpings. Tom will be showing us some great twists and updates on classic pub recipes cooked his way. Classic like Chicken in a basket will get a southern fried style added to it to transform an often bland meal.

Tom Kerridge's Turbot in puff pastry

Fish is not normally a popular choice for the Sunday roast table but Tom Kerridge manages to create a really tasty and interesting alternative to the traditional beef wellington by using turbot wrapped in puff pastry.

Tom travels to Cornwall to get help from his fishmonger in choosing the perfect fish for his fishy wellington recipe, and chooses turbot for its flavour and texture. Turbot has become very popular due to it’s flavour and it can be quite expensive, so this recipe is more of a special occasion than a regular Sunday lunch option.

Tom Kerridge's Treacle cured beef and roast potatoes with Yorkshire puddings

Tom demonstrates some interesting preparation and cooking techniques in his treacle cured roast beef recipe. Curing the meat in treacle for 24 hours adds a soft and subtle flavour to the beef, complimenting its natural flavour and adding a new depth to the gravy you can make from the cooking juices.

After marinating his meat in treacle for 24 hours, Tom seals the joint and cooks his roast beef at a very low temperature, he uses an instant read thermometer to measure the core temperature of the beef, and when it reaches 55-58 degrees centigrade, it’s perfectly cooked.

Paul Hollywood’s Fougasse

Fougasse is a great traditional French bread. It is often shaped like a leaf with holes running through the surface, exposing as many edges to the baking process as possible. Fougasse can be flavoured with many different ingredients and Paul Hollywood has chosen black and green olives and oregano for his sourdough fougasse recipe.

Instead of sprinkling his ingredients on before baking, Paul kneads his olives and oregano into the sourdough to ensure that every bite will get equal quantities.

Paul Hollywood’s Summer pudding

Paul uses his white chocolate and raspberry bread to make a sourdough summer pudding. He adds more fresh raspberries, mixed berries a dash of framboise to the existing sourdough bread and removes the crusts to create a real taste bud teaser fit for any summertime dessert.

Paul serves up a white chocolate cream to accompany his summer pudding recipe which consists of whipped cream, mascarpone and icing sugar.

Paul Hollywood’s Tuna Nicoise salad

Paul creates a tasty spin on the traditional Nicoise salad, combining it with his amazing fougasse bread to produce some perfect flavour combinations. Paul finishes his nicoise recipe with his own tapenade.

For his tapenade Paul uses big combination of ingredients including anchovies, black olives, capers, garlic and Dijon mustard to create an amazing topping for his salad. Paul makes a dressing consisting of white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and olive oil to compliment his salad.

Paul hollywood’s white chocolate and raspberry bread

Paul creates a really interesting sourdough recipe in his white chocolate and raspberry bread. Sourdough is often associated with savoury flavours, maybe accompanying some cheese, cold meats and chutneys, so it’s a refrefreshing change to see Paul bucking the trend with his sweet sourdough recipe.

Paul advises against using frozen raspberries in his recipe which makes this a seasonal recipe if you want to buy British, otherwise your local supermarket will stock imported options depending on the time of year.

Paul Hollywood’s Sourdough bread recipe

In his TV show, Paul Hollywood creates an interesting sourdough starter using green grapes that he adds to his recipe

Sourdough bread offers a great rustic taste along with a full flavoursome crust. A fermented sourdough starter is used to add the distinctive flavour and once you have mastered the art of culturing your starter, you can start adding extra ingredients that will influence the flavour further. You can keep your sourdough starter alive and fed in the fridge so making new batches of bread is made easier.

Tom Kerridge’s Pork belly roast

Pork belly is such an underrated and underused cut of meat. When cooked properly it’s one of the most succulent and tasty pieces of pork you can eat, and it comes with all of the things people love about pork, crackling, fat and lovely tender meat. Tom partners his roast pork belly with lentil and a cabbage salsa that will cut through the fat and add a sharp hit to the lovely rounded flavours of the pork and lentils. And, let’s not forget about the crackling! Get Tom Kerridge’s very own secrets on the perfect crackling.