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Tom Kerridge's Ceaser Salad

Tom makes a Ceaser salad without the need for adding the traditional chicken or bacon. The bold flavours from the anchovies, the rich ceaser sauce and the delicious crispy croutons means this recipe really holds its own for a perfect lunch or light supper dish. Tom makes sure that the anchovies really take centre stage in his twist on the classic Ceaser salad recipe that has been a pub classic for years.

Tom Kerridge's Sticky toffee pudding with caramelised banana

This pudding is a real crowd pleaser and Tom's version is an indulgent treat to whip up for family and friends. The dates ensure the pudding remains really moist and his ultimate toffee sauce is the winning element that you will be fighting over to finish. Add an amazing caramelised banana topping and you have something very naughty indeed!

Top tips for making Tom's date and toffee pudding

  • Serve Tom's sticky toffee pudding with custard for indulgence overload
  • Use a chefs blowtorch to get a great crunchy caramelised banana topping

Tom Kerridge's Fish and Chips

Tom makes the traditional British pub favourite of fish, chips and mushy peas. Rather than Cod, Tom uses Brill, a small flat fish caught locally in Suffolk where he cooks this classic recipe, Brill has a great flavour and is not in such short supplies as cod. Tom makes some great chunky chips and and a delicious mushy peas recipe to accompany his fish, serving it all up in a traditional cone.

Jamie Oliver’s Sweat and sour fish balls

These fish balls are nutritious, full of flavour and a little bit more interesting than many other fish dishes, especially for kids who may not be that into fish. If you buy the right variety, fish is super cheap and versatile, it tastes amazing and is a vital part of your diet. Jamie’s fish balls are an interesting take on the traditional Chinese sweat and sour pork balls, and will make an interesting meal at dinner time.

Jamie Oliver Ham hocks

Jamie creates a great nutritious and tasty recipe of ham hocks with parsley sauce in the latest episode of Money Saving Meals. Jamie pot roasts his ham hocks to produce an incredible tender piece of meat that falls off the bone and tastes amazing. Parsely sauce is a perfect addition to this recipe and adds a lovely fresh intense flavour to the super meaty taste of the ham hock. Ham hock is a great cut of pork that offers loads of flavour, a good amount of fat and some skin for crackling. It’s really cheap and readily available from supermarkets or butchers.

Tom Kerridge’s Slow roast duck

What a special recipe this is. Tom’s Slow roast duck with aromatic skin, served with potato pancakes and braised lettuce has all the comforting flavours you could ask for. The meat of the duck is so tender it just falls off the bone and the crispy skin with familiar aromatic flavours just goes so well together. Tom serves his slow roast duck with potato pancakes and braised lettuce which work perfectly as a combination of carbs and lightness to add another dimension to the dish.

Jamie Oliver's steak and chips for £2

Jamie Oliver continues his campaign to create exciting and tasty recipes for little money with a British classic, steak and chips. Jamie manages to produce this hearty meal for a little over £2 per head which is amazing as most people would think steak was one of the more expensive cuts of meat. Jamie demonstrates that with a little thought you can create some great tasting healthy meals for very little money.

Tom Kerridge’s Asparagus with duck egg salad dressing

Tom creates a beautiful simple asparagus recipe, full of well known and loved flavours and wonderful textures. The luxurious duck yolk compliments perfectly the crisp light flavour of asparagus. Asparagus is surprisingly versatile and you can get all sorts of flavours from it depending on how you cook it. Griddling it with some butter is a favourite method as it provides a wonderful char-grilled flavour and the grill stripes always look really appealing. Just remember to add some crumbled sea salt to your asparagus, it’s a perfect accompaniment.

Tom Kerridge's Gin and tonic Granita

Tom makes a really refreshing Granita in the latest episode of his hit TV show. For anyone wondering, a granita a somewhere in between a sorbe and a slushy iced drink, so it's really refreshing and with gin and tonic it will be really sharp to taste. This recipe is perfect after a heavy meal, and we all know that Tom Kerridge loves a good hearty meal! Tom's Gin and tonic Granita consists of caster sugar, water, tonic water, lemon, gin (of course) and bramly apple.

Tom Kerridge's BBQ Beef ribs

Next time you have a BBQ why not push the boat out? Instead of a few burgers and sausages in buns, make your BBQ a special occasion and use some top quality meat and ingredients. Tom Kerridge has done this with his Beef BBQ ribs recipe, transforming the typical barbie meal into a feast of flavours and quality. The process is a long one, 3 days in total but it's so worth it and the work you need to do over those 3 days is minimal really, it's all about getting flavour into the meat.