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Hairy Bikers Spiced pulled pork

Episode 4 of the Hairy Bikers gourmet TV show has produced some great recipes worthy of any party, and their Spicy pulled pork with sage and onion stuffing and barbecue sauce is perfect as the main course. Ideally pulled pork should be slow cooked by barbecue or hot smoked in a specialist oven, it creates a huge depth of flavour and really tender flesh. The Hairy Bikers have opted for a slow cook in a conventional oven and have created a great spice rub mix that will inject some of that much needed flavour.

Hairy Bikers Chestnut and chocolate charlotte

What an amazing recipe and party centre piece from the Hairy Bikers! The bikers have created this recipe as it's easy and uses lots of larder ingredients so you should have a lot of what you need already. Ingredients in the Hairy Bikers charlotte recipe include dried cranberries, dried sour cherries, ladies fingers and vanilla and chestnut puree. The Bikers use a cake tin to build their charlotte, holding everything together until set, yes there's no cooking! Finishing everything off, the bikers show you how to make an amazing spun sugar top for your charlotte.

Hairy Biker Palmiers with Sage and parmesan

Yummy! The Hairy Bikers create yet another delicious recipe for their party food show. Palmiers are so simple to make, puff pastry is the main ingredient, it's just choosing what flavours to add to them that is the tricky part. The Hairy bikers have that covered with their version of this classic party food recipe, choosing Sage and parmesan along with anchovies to give these trwisted pasty bites a real kick of flavour. The beauty of using puff pastry is that you get so much from such a small and easy to work with ingredient.

Hairy Bikers Gyoza

These Gyoza have to be one of the best recipes from the Hairy Bikers party show. Using some great fresh ingredients including crab (white and brown meat), chopped and cooked prawns, spring onion, sesame oil and oyster sauce, this Gyoza recipe really packs a punch. The Hairy bikers make this recipe look really easy and offer some great tips for making lots of their gyoza for your party. The filling is simply chopped up and mixed together by hand in a mixing bowl and the pastry is made from just flour, salt and hot water.

Hairy Bikers Middle Eastern meat balls

The Hairy bikers produce a great Middle Eastern meat ball or Kofte recipe in episode 4 of their successful Everyday gourmet series. Using lamb as the main ingredient for their meat ball recipe, the Hairy Bikers make an amazing glaze to create a truly exotic flavour. Ingredients include honey, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses, something that is rarely used in the UK, but is sure to fly off the supermarket shelves after this episode!

Nigel Slater - Beetroot cake

Nigel Slater continues his crusade for good simple food using quality, home grown if possible, ingredients.

Nigel likes vegetable based cakes and sweet dishes, they can provide a beautiful natural sweetness and they help to keep recipes nice and moist due to their natural water retention properties. Vegetables also offer their own unique flavours, many of which compliment sweet dishes like cakes perfectly.

Jamie Oliver - Super fast beef hash

Jamie cooks up another super fast dinner with his beef has recipe. With four main elements to this meal it looks a little daunting but if you follow his guidance you should get there in 30 minutes or there about, and the reward will be worth it, especially with colder evening drawing in.

Jamie’s beef hash recipe does not feature a dessert so it’s all about good comforting savoury flavours for this episode. Consisting of baked potatoes, a bacon and butter bean stew a lush green leaf salad and of course, beef hash.

Nigel Slater - Rib of beef

Beef is the UKs favourite red meat. Generally, it’s readily available and cheap compared to other red meats, and the huge variety of cuts available to cook means that there is an abundance of beef based recipes to inspire you.

Often it’s better to take the simple route and Nigel Slater takes the opportunity to show us his great rib of beef recipe that he serves up for Sunday lunch.

Nigel Slater - Lasagne

In the first of what is sure to be a popular show, Nigel Slater teams up with Adam Henson to produce the ingredients for some great recipes before showing how to make them. It’s all about sustainability in Nigel and Adam’s farm Kitchen and Adam creates the durum wheat that Nigel uses in his Lasagne recipe.

Tom Kerridge’s Baked beans

Baked beans is one of the first recipes Tom cooked, although they were from a can! Tom’s homemade version of the classic baked beans recipe adds more flavour and variety by using haricot beans along with streaky bacon, onions and red wine vinegar.

Tom starts his baked beans recipe by boiling his haricot beans very slowly. Once fully cooked, he adds the other ingredients including the fried bacon and onions and the chopped tomoatos. He simmers the mixture of ingredients for 1.5 to 2 hours until the sauce has reduced to a thick, smooth sauce.