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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Mojito

Hugh's Mojito recipe is a great twist on the now established and hugely popular standard mojito consisting of mint, rum, limes and sugar.  Hugh mixes things up a bit by adding a miriad of ingredients, some a bit out-there such as pea shoots and lemon balm leaves.

Tips for Hugh's Mojito recipe

  • Buy a muddler, a wooden toold used for crushing limes for a mojito, it makes things so much easier.
  • Taste as you go, the balance of rum and sugar is important to get right.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's Rhubarb and Ginger Cheesecake

A great rustic recipe with lots of sweet and sour flavour.  Hugh uses rhubard and ginger, a classic combination to make a really tasty cheesecake with cream cheese for super quick and easy preparation.

Hugh uses a traditional biscuit base recipe for his cheesecake but uses ginger biscuits instead of digestives. For the cheesecale filling Hugh uses preserved ginger, syrup and rhubarb among other ingredients. He cuts his rhubarb into batons which makes laying them out on top of the cheesecake easy.

Tom Kerridge's Scrambled egg and bacon with English truffles

The weekend breakfast is a treat for many people. Having that extra bit of time available on the mornings mean that you can push the boat out and make breakfast a much more tasty and satisfying meal, and you have deserve it if you have been working hard all week.

Tom takes the good old traditional scrambled eggs on toast and throws in whole new dimension of flavours by adding lovely crisp bacon and shavings of English truffle that offer a beautiful earthy edge to the recipe.

Gordon Ramsay - Spicy clam noodle soup

A great Thai style Spicy noodle soup from Gordon Ramsay. Packed full of flavours from the east, this soup is fresh, tangy and spicy with the added taste of the sea.

Gordon Ramsay's spicy noodle soup is so easy to make and is packed full of spicy flavour. He uses clams is his recipe, but you could easily substitute them and the fish stock for chicken and chicken stock to make a more meaty version.

Gordon Ramsay - Spicy Mexican eggs

Gordona Ramsay's Spicy eggs and beans mexican style is a real winter warmer. Suggested for serving as a brunch, it could easily be part of dinner too.

This spicy eggs recipe is a great alternative to a bowl of chilli and packs all of the spice and flavour but with the added twist of eggs poached in the tomato sauce. 

Served with a spicy tomato sauce, tortillas and grated cheddar cheese, this is a real hearty meal.

Gordon Ramsay - Banana Tarte Tatin

Gordon Ramsay produce an interesting twist on the traditional tarte tatin recipe by using the banana as the star ingredient. 

Tarte tatin is one of the those recipes that will wow guests at a dinner party but as actually really easy to make. It's all about caramelised fruit and a lovely puff pastry base, and banana is a perfect fruit to use as it contains lots of natural sugar.

Gordon Ramsay - Smoky pulled pork with chipotle mayonnaise

Pulled pork is a great American recipe that tastes sublime. Tender juicy pork and smoky chipotle are a match made in heaven. Gordon Ramsay uses an interesting cut of pork for his recipe.

Gordon's pulled pork uses the butt of pork which is a cut found near the pig's shoulder. It requires a bit more cooking, but if done slowly, it produces an incredible juicy, tender and flavoursome piece of meat perfect for this pulled pork recipe.

Gordon Ramsay - Beef fillet with salsa verde

Gordon Ramsay's Beef fillet with salsa verde is a perfect option for a starter to your Christmas lunch. Rare beef with its delicate juicy flavour and the sharp taste of salsa verde with anchovy and capers among other ingredients is just sublime.

Beef fillet is an expenive cut of meat which makes it perfect as part of your Christmas meal where you can afford to push the boat out. Fillet of beef is best served rare, so be sure not to over cook it and have a plan in your head for timings so you don't forget about it when it's in the oven.