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Tom Kerridge - Glazed Carrots With Star Anise

A great simple little recipe that promotes the trusty old carrot to a new level on your plate.

Tom Kerridge's glazed carrots recipe is really easy to do and is one of those recipes that you should keep in the back of your mind for those occasions when you want to cook something a little more special.

The most important part of this recipe is to prepare the carrots correctly. While peeling them you should aim for a really smooth, even surface, you can rub them with a green scouring pad to remove any marks from the peeler.

Tom Kerridge - Turkey roll with Christmas crumble

Christmas lunch is such an important meal to get right. The expectation from family and friends is always high, and the last thing you want to serve up is a big dry turkey. 

Tom Kerridge has come to the rescue with his turkey roll recipe by taking the meat off the bone and filling it with a gorgeous sage and onion stuffing, you are assured a moist flavoursome and pleasing Christmas turkey. As the bones have been removed, you can use them to create a winderful rich gravy, and this can be started up to 2 days in advance, reducing the time spent in the kitchen on Christmas day.

Tom Kerridge - Mulled Cider

Tom Kerridge is a Somerset guy to the core and would much rather have a good large glass of mulled cider than mulled wine, so he has created his own festive recipe packed with spice and flavour, perfect for warming those cockles through the Christmas period.

Mulled cider is a really tasty drink, the apple offers a really tangy finish and the addition of orange, star anise, cardamom and peppercorns adds a wonderful warming depth that is certain to please the biggest mulled wine fan.

We have created our own recipe inspired by Tom's below so read on and get mulling! 

Nigella - Gooey chocolate puddings

Nigella’s Gooey chocolate puddings has got to be one of the most popular chocolate desserts in the UK, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you are missing out.

Originally featured in the first episode of her hit TV show, Nigella Bites, Nigella shows us how to make an amazing chocolate pudding in next to no time, meaning you can get a choccy hit for dessert whenever you want!

Nigella - Griddled chicken

Nigella creates a great griddled chicken recipe in Fast Food, episode one of her hugely popular TV show Nigella Bites.

Griddling the chicken produces a wonderfull depth of flavour reminiscent of barbecuing. The caramelised lines produce by griddling transforms the chicken by keeping it moist.

Nigella pairs her griddled chicken with some tasty flavours to produce a quick, simple evening meal.

Nigella - Lemon linguine

It’s all about fast food in this episode of Nigella Bites where she makes an amazing, simple Lemon Linguine. With a wonderful zesty flavour of lemon and some really simple but effective flavours, this linguine recipe has become a favourite with many Nigella fans.

In addition to the lemon, you will find thyme, garlic, sliced mushrooms and olive oil, and that’s it!

Perfect Nigella’s Lemon linguine

Here are some tips to get Nigella’s recipe right.

Nigel Slater - Crackling pork

Pork is one of the UK’s favourite meats and the best cuts are those that come with a good layer of skin and fat because it’s crackling that everyone is really after with pork!

Nigel Slater realises this and creates a wonderful crackling pork recipe that has everything we all love about pork, succulent, juicy flesh and beautiful crisp salty crackling.

Nigel suggests getting your butcher to score the skin of your pork but you can do it yourself with a good sharp knife, it will help to produce a really good crackling so it is important in this recipe.

Nigel Slater - Beef and ale casserole

A perfect winter warmer, Nigel Slater’s Beef and ale casserole is full of deep flavours, succulent beef and flavoursome gravy. Get it bubbling away for a long, slow cook on a low heat.

Nigel creates an apple sauce to accompany his beef and ale casserole which at first is an odd combination considering how apples are usually paired with pork recipes, but the sharpness is a welcome edge to the round hearty flavours provided by the casserole.

Nigel Slater - Lentil and chard stew

Lentils are a great ingredient, they’re in plentiful supply, come in many varieties, are simple and tasty to cook and offer a wonderful warm comforting quality to recipes.

Nigel Slater pairs lentils with chard for a lovely comforting recipe in his TV show Simple Suppers where he promotes ingredients that he feels are missing out on much deserved praise, or have been forgotten by the need for fast, easy and readymade options.