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Lorraine Pascale Fish and Chips

At number ten of the nations favourite evening meals is Fish and Chips. Lorraine gets things started with this classic British meal that still beats the likes of Burger King in the popularity contest. Fish and Chips is just a perfect meal, it’s food for the masses and consists of a few simple ingredients which makes it simple and fast to make. A simple fish and chips batter recipe 100grams Self Raising flour 150ml cold water or lager Combine the flour and water or lager in a large mixing bowl.

Lorraine Pascale Chilli Con Carne

At number 9 on the nations favourite food list is a classic, spicy dish called Chilli Con Carne. Lorraine cooks a version of this great, simple and quick recipe loved by millions of Britains. Read on for our own Chilli Con Carne recipe which packs in loads of flavour and is super simple to make. The recipe below should create enough for leftovers which is good news as it is one of those dishes that always tastes better reheated!

Nigel Slater, Suet dumplings with beef stew

In the first episode of Nigel Slater's new cookery show about sharing people's passion for simple, home cooked food, Nigel focuses on the humble Dumpling. Dumplings come in many forms from Dim Sum and Wonton in the far east to the Italian favourite, Ravioli. The one constant between all varieties is the process of filling a parcel with delicious ingredients to create a tasty bite-sized treat. Nigel starts his stew and dumpling recipe by browning large chunks of beef in a pan.

Nigel Slater Dumpling recipe

Nigel creates a lovely beef stew with suet dumplings before adding his own version to create a tasty new dumpling recipe. To create Nigel's version he adds 70 grams of fine oatmeal to a mixing bowl along with 75 grams of plain flour, a teaspoon of baking powder and one of salt. Nigel uses 80 grams of butter instead of suet for his recipe which he greats chilled into the bowl. Nigel rubs the mixture together before adding finely chopped parsley, rosemary and thyme. He pours in a little cold water and mixes until you can form sticky dough balls.