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Gordon Ramsay - Banana Tarte Tatin


Gordon Ramsay produce an interesting twist on the traditional tarte tatin recipe by using the banana as the star ingredient. 

Tarte tatin is one of the those recipes that will wow guests at a dinner party but as actually really easy to make. It's all about caramelised fruit and a lovely puff pastry base, and banana is a perfect fruit to use as it contains lots of natural sugar.

Gordon adds some spice to his banana tarte tatin adding black and pink peppercorns to his recipe. Other ingredients in the simple recipe include a vanilla pod, some sugar and shop bought puff pastry - never bother making your own!

Tips for Gordon Ramsay's Banana tarte tatin

  • Before placing in the oven, pierce the pastry of your tarte tatin to allow steam to escape.
  • Cut your puff pastry slightly larger than the pan that you will cook it in, use a plate as a guide if necessary.