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Gordon Ramsay - Beef fillet with salsa verde


Gordon Ramsay's Beef fillet with salsa verde is a perfect option for a starter to your Christmas lunch. Rare beef with its delicate juicy flavour and the sharp taste of salsa verde with anchovy and capers among other ingredients is just sublime.

Beef fillet is an expenive cut of meat which makes it perfect as part of your Christmas meal where you can afford to push the boat out. Fillet of beef is best served rare, so be sure not to over cook it and have a plan in your head for timings so you don't forget about it when it's in the oven.

Salsa verde is really simple to make, but it's finesse that will deliver the perfect combination of flavours that won't over power the beautiful beef fillet, so taste your salsa verde as you build the ingredients up to ensure everything is balanced.

Tips for Gordon Ramsay's beef fillet with salsa verde

  • Brown your beef fillet before putting in the oven.
  • Baste your fillet of beef in butter before resting to add extra flavour.

Alway rest your beef fillet for at least 10 minutes.