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Gordon Ramsay - Crispy roast duck with pancakes


Everyone will agree that crispy aromatic duck and hoisin sauce is a favourite from the Chinese takeaway, and now with Gordon Ramsay's help you can make it at home.

Gordon goes all the way with his crispy duck recipe by making his own dipping sauce. You can by hoisin sauce from the supermarket if you would prefer, but it wont have such a fresh flavour as makin git yourself.

 Gordon's crispy duck recipe uses a range of eastern spices including star anise, Chinese five-spice powder and fresh ginger. he uses the spices to flavour the duck before placing in the oven to slow roast over up to four hours.
 A long slow roast will help to render down the fat from the duck and crisp and darken the skin, just like you get in a Chinese restaurant. It's a really simple dish with just a few elements, the crispy duck, a dipping sauce and pancakes, and makes for a perfect starter to your dinner party.

Tips for Gordon Ramsay's Crispy Duck recipe

  • Roast your duck on a rack over a roasting tin to allow the fat drain away from the bird.
  • Use two forks to shred the crispy duck.
  •  Serve your pancakes in a cane steamer to get the authentic Chinese look.