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Gordon Ramsay - Eggs Benedict

Gordon Ramsay shows us how to make the perfect Eggs Benedict recipe in his festive special of Home Cooking. Eggs Benedict is a great way to start Christmas day and will keep you satisfied and fuelled up all the way through to the main event - Christmas lunch!

The combination of poached eggs with runny yolks, soft fluffy toasted muffins, crispy parma ham and velvety smooth hollandaise sauce is just perfect and makes Eggs Benedict one of the most popular breakfast recipes in the world.

Apparantly Eggs Benedict was created by an American stockbroker who, recovering from a hangover one morning, asked for the combination of ingredients at his favourite diner. Orinally served with smoked salmon, Gordon Ramsay uses Parma Ham in his recipe to offer a nice salty crunch to this wonderful confortimg recipe.

Tips for Gordon Ramsay's Eggs Benedict recipe

  • Make your hollandaise sauce up first, it will hold for up to 30 minutes in a warm place.
  • You can also poach your eggs in advance and reheat them by placing them in simmering water for about 30 seconds just before serving.