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Hairy Biker Palmiers with Sage and parmesan


Yummy! The Hairy Bikers create yet another delicious recipe for their party food show. Palmiers are so simple to make, puff pastry is the main ingredient, it's just choosing what flavours to add to them that is the tricky part. The Hairy bikers have that covered with their version of this classic party food recipe, choosing Sage and parmesan along with anchovies to give these trwisted pasty bites a real kick of flavour.

The beauty of using puff pastry is that you get so much from such a small and easy to work with ingredient.

Top tips for Hairy Bikers Palmiers recipe

  • Don't even bother trying to make you own puff pastry, it's available as a quality produce from the supermarket, and chefs don't often make it themselves either.
  • Spread your filling ingredients evenly so when cut, each palmier gets a share of the flavours.
  • Press your palmiers to flatten them slightly as you place them onto your baking tray, this will help to bond the layers.