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Hairy Bikers Chestnut and chocolate charlotte


What an amazing recipe and party centre piece from the Hairy Bikers! The bikers have created this recipe as it's easy and uses lots of larder ingredients so you should have a lot of what you need already. Ingredients in the Hairy Bikers charlotte recipe include dried cranberries, dried sour cherries, ladies fingers and vanilla and chestnut puree. The Bikers use a cake tin to build their charlotte, holding everything together until set, yes there's no cooking!

Finishing everything off, the bikers show you how to make an amazing spun sugar top for your charlotte.

Top for making your Chestnut and chocolate charlotte

  • Soak your dried fruit in orange liqueur overnight, it will help to plump them up and give a great kick.
  • Don't soak your ladies fingers for too long, they will fall apart.
  • Wait a few minutes for your set charlotte to rise in temperature slightly, it will make turning it out much easier.
  • Use only white caster sugar for your spun sugar.