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Hairy Bikers Gyoza


These Gyoza have to be one of the best recipes from the Hairy Bikers party show. Using some great fresh ingredients including crab (white and brown meat), chopped and cooked prawns, spring onion, sesame oil and oyster sauce, this Gyoza recipe really packs a punch.

The Hairy bikers make this recipe look really easy and offer some great tips for making lots of their gyoza for your party. The filling is simply chopped up and mixed together by hand in a mixing bowl and the pastry is made from just flour, salt and hot water.

Mash everything together in a mixing bowl with your hands

  • If you are worried about your party guests liking the strong flavour of crab, only add the white meat, it' has a much fresher and lighter taste than the brown meat that some people can find overbearing.
  • Cut your discs with an 8cm pastry cutter to save time and make them all the same
  • You can make your pastry discs up in advance. Cover them in flour and stack them up and keep them in the fridge for later.
  • Frying your gyoza before steaming will give them a delicious crispy golden texture