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Hairy Bikers Middle Eastern meat balls


The Hairy bikers produce a great Middle Eastern meat ball or Kofte recipe in episode 4 of their successful Everyday gourmet series.
Using lamb as the main ingredient for their meat ball recipe, the Hairy Bikers make an amazing glaze to create a truly exotic flavour. Ingredients include honey, pomegranate seeds and pomegranate molasses, something that is rarely used in the UK, but is sure to fly off the supermarket shelves after this episode!

We have checked and pomegranate molasses is available from Tesco and Waitrose, so you should have no problems tracking down the less common ingredients of this recipe.

Top tips for making a great Middle Eastern meatball

Make sure you chop your onions really finely as they can stop the meat balls from forming and holding together especially if you decide to make mini meat balls like the hairy bikers have.

Mix any dry spices thoroughly with your minced lamb. clumps of dry spice will again stop the balls holding together when cooking.