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Jamie Oliver - Super fast beef hash

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Jamie cooks up another super fast dinner with his beef has recipe. With four main elements to this meal it looks a little daunting but if you follow his guidance you should get there in 30 minutes or there about, and the reward will be worth it, especially with colder evening drawing in.

Jamie’s beef hash recipe does not feature a dessert so it’s all about good comforting savoury flavours for this episode. Consisting of baked potatoes, a bacon and butter bean stew a lush green leaf salad and of course, beef hash.

It’s all about keeping things simple with this beef hash recipe and Jamie uses ready minced beef, tinned goods and packaged salad along with a good food processor with chopping function to get everything done in time.

You are sure to get four good, hearty portions out of this recipe and any leftovers will be lovely the following day.  You could for example combine any leftover beef hash and bean stew to create an entirely new dish.

Tips for Jamie’s beef hash recipe

  • Brown your minced beef on a preheated pan, get it hot to get lots of colour into your mince.
  • Use fresh herbs for extra flavour, they may take more chopping but they taste so much better.
  • Get your potatoes into the microwave and your mince in the pan first, you can chop and prepare everything else once they are cooking.
  • You can add some oil to the potato skins and grill to crisp them up a bit.