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Lorraine Pascale - Filo Pastry Mince Pies

From her new book, A lighter way to bake, Lorraine Pascale makes some lovely Filo Pastry Mince Pies, with her own homemade mince pie filling.

It's so easy when making homemade mince pies to go and buy ready made mincemeat from a jar for your filling. We urge you to make your own though as it's so much more rewarding and it's pretty easy too. There are a lot of ingredients in a good mincemeat and a fair measure of alcohol too, so the freshness of all of those ingredients will be far superior to the shop bought alternative.

Be sure to make up more mince pie filling than you need, your can store it in th efridge and use it when your filo mince pies start to run out.

Lorraine Pascale uses filo pastry in her mince pie recipe which give a great crunch compared to the more traditional pastry cases. Filo pastry is also a great way to enjoy naughty Christmas treats without so much of the guily factor.

Tips for Lorraine Pascale's Filo Mince Pies

  • Use scissors to cut out your filo pastry ready for baking, it's easier than using a knife.
  • Use a spray oil to get an accurate and light amount of oil on your Filo pastry.
  • Dust with icing sugar before serving for an extra Christmas touch.

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