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MasterChef: The Professionals 2013 - Day 2

Recipes in this episode:

  • Quenelles of Chantilly cream decorated with coconut tuiles
  • Biersupp and Petit Choux au Fromage

The second day of Masterchef: The Professionals brings a whole host of new challenges for the contestants. The group is split on two for the next two days to give the chefs Michel Roux Jr and Monica Galetti and dining expert Gregg Wallace extra time to scrutinise the contestants and find the strengths and weaknesses that will shape their destiny.

Day 2 starts with the nerve racking skills test that is sure to have the contestants shaking in their boots, can they hold themselves steady for the test which this year, will require some tricky pastry work? The four contestants will be asked to make quenelles of Chantilly cream and then decorate them with three unique tuiles. With just 15 minutes to complete the task, and under the watchful eyes of Monica and Gregg, who will succeed and who will flop? Watch the experts expressions for a clue!

The first half of the contestants are given no time to calm their nerves after the skills test, as they are thrown straight into the cauldron when Michelin starred chef Michel Roux Jr makes his first appearance to set the final test of the day. The recipe the chefs need to recreate is Biersupp and Petit Choux au Fromage which is a beer based soup with cheese filled choux pastry buns. With only two main elements this recipe may seem a little simplistic, but to deliver it correctly requires extreme skill, knowledge and technique.

Michel Roux Jr's Classics challenges are daunting to say the least. The contestants, all competent chefs, are asked to raise the level of their cooking to unimaginable heights and deliver one of Michel Roux Jr's very own classic recipes. The pressure of reproducing one of your heroes dishes and then presenting it to them in the heat of the competition is often too much for the Masterchef contestants, who will crack and who will rise to the occasion?