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Tom Kerridge's Proper pub food - Sunday Roasts

In the latest episode of Tom Kerridge’s hit TV show, Proper Pub Food, Tom cooks up a couple of amazing roast recipes but not in the traditional Sunday lunch style.

Sunday lunches are embedded in British tradition as the time when the whole family comes together every week to catch up and enjoy a good old roast. Everyone has a favourite whether its beef, pork, chicken or lamb and Tom creates two roast dinner recipes for us, both take a different approach to the usual practice of chucking everything in the oven.

Before embarking on his Sunday roast recipes, Tom gets breakfast out of the way. You should always start the day on a hearty breakfast and Tom Kerridge has the perfect recipe. Scrambled eggs with bacon and English truffle is sure to be a real treat.

Tom’s first roast recipe is treacle cured roast beef. He marinates his piece of beef in treacle for 24 hours before roasting to an amazing dark and tasty colour. Get some top tips from Tom Kerridge on making the perfect crispy roast potato and  getting your Yorkshire puddings to rise to new heights.

Tom’s second roast recipe is totally out there and consists of fish. He creates a really interesting twist on the traditional beef wellington by wrapping turbot in puff pastry instead of a choice cut of beef. Tom travels to Cornwall to pick the perfect fish for his fish wellington where he speaks to a fishmonger before deciding on turbot.

Pudding time is always a highlight of a Sunday roast and Tom creates not one but two great tasting and naughty indulgent recipes. First on the menu is a chocolate and ale cake with muscovado cream which sound amazing. Tom produces a lighter zingier option with his lemon posset recipe which is certain to cut through the heavy first course.