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Nigel Slater - Crackling pork

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Pork is one of the UK’s favourite meats and the best cuts are those that come with a good layer of skin and fat because it’s crackling that everyone is really after with pork!

Nigel Slater realises this and creates a wonderful crackling pork recipe that has everything we all love about pork, succulent, juicy flesh and beautiful crisp salty crackling.

Nigel suggests getting your butcher to score the skin of your pork but you can do it yourself with a good sharp knife, it will help to produce a really good crackling so it is important in this recipe.

Another important step in Nigel’s crackling pork is a two stage roasting. He roasts first at a very high heat to start the crackling process, and then a second time to cook the pork itself.

Tips for Nigel Slater’s Crackling pork

  • Roast your pork twice, firstly at a high temperature to help produce a really good crackling, and secondly to cook the meat.
  • If you can, marinate your pork overnight in the fridge.
  • Rest your pork belly for a good 10 minutes before serving.