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Nigel Slater - Lasagne


In the first of what is sure to be a popular show, Nigel Slater teams up with Adam Henson to produce the ingredients for some great recipes before showing how to make them. It’s all about sustainability in Nigel and Adam’s farm Kitchen and Adam creates the durum wheat that Nigel uses in his Lasagne recipe.

Lasagne is the UKs most common ready meal with many thousands of meals being purchased every day. Nigel Slater attempts to match the cost of the average Lasagne ready meal in his own, homemade recipe, and aims to dispel the idea that ready meals are cheaper than homemade recipes.

Many people don’t realise that homemade versions of ready meals can actually be cheaper. Making your recipes in larger quantities allows you to save on ingredients and leftovers can be frozen for another day. Packaging is also reduced when cooking your own recipes at home, which means you are helping the environment too.

Top tips for Nigel Slater’s Lasagne recipe

  • Try not to overlap your lasagne sheets, they will not cook fully where they overlap, leaving them chewy.
  • Add some dried oregano to your tomato sauce for a more aromatic flavour.
  • Reduce your sauce. Too much liquid will mean that your lasagne sheets sink and go soggy.
  • Always use bay leaves for depth of flavour.
  • Finish your lasagne with a topping of grated mature cheddar and parmesan for a really cheesy taste.