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Nigel Slater - Rib of beef


Beef is the UKs favourite red meat. Generally, it’s readily available and cheap compared to other red meats, and the huge variety of cuts available to cook means that there is an abundance of beef based recipes to inspire you.

Often it’s better to take the simple route and Nigel Slater takes the opportunity to show us his great rib of beef recipe that he serves up for Sunday lunch.

Before cooking Nigel and Adam take us on a journey from farm to fork, demonstrating how our meat is produced. It will be an eye opening story for many people, and hopefully it will persuade the public to start treating our produce with more consideration and avoid the easy options like the ready meal.

Tips for Nigel Slater’s rib of beef

  • Always allow your rib of beef to rest after cooking. Place it under foil on a warm plate for at least 20 minutes. A generous sized joint will stay hot for longer than you may think and it will allow the meat to relax and become beautifully juicy and tender.
  • Carve your beef in fewer but thicker slices for a good succulent bite of meat.
  • Sea salt is a perfect seasoning for the beef, keeping it simple.
  • If making roast potatoes, turn the heat up on the oven once the beef has been taken out to rest, it will help to crisp them up.