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Nigella - Lemon linguine

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It’s all about fast food in this episode of Nigella Bites where she makes an amazing, simple Lemon Linguine. With a wonderful zesty flavour of lemon and some really simple but effective flavours, this linguine recipe has become a favourite with many Nigella fans.

In addition to the lemon, you will find thyme, garlic, sliced mushrooms and olive oil, and that’s it!

Perfect Nigella’s Lemon linguine

Here are some tips to get Nigella’s recipe right.

  • Use chestnut mushrooms, they have a more earthy flavour and remain firmer during cooking.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil in this recipe. As there are so few ingredients you will get the benefit from the flavour of extra virgin.
  • Remove the leaves from your thyme by running your fingers up the stalks in the opposite direct to the leaves.
  • Use a really good sea salt to season your linguine, we recommend Maldon salt.