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Tom Kerridge’s Baked beans

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Baked beans is one of the first recipes Tom cooked, although they were from a can! Tom’s homemade version of the classic baked beans recipe adds more flavour and variety by using haricot beans along with streaky bacon, onions and red wine vinegar.

Tom starts his baked beans recipe by boiling his haricot beans very slowly. Once fully cooked, he adds the other ingredients including the fried bacon and onions and the chopped tomoatos. He simmers the mixture of ingredients for 1.5 to 2 hours until the sauce has reduced to a thick, smooth sauce.

Tom serves his baked beans with his own soda bread recipe.

Tips for Tom Kerridge’s Baked Beans recipe

  • Soak your haricot beans in water overnight.
  • Fry your bacon first before adding the chopped onions, the onions will deglaze the pan and take on all the flavour of the bacon.
  • Plenty of cracked black pepper is the secret to perfect baked beans!