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Tom Kerridge’s Hay-Baked Chicken

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Tom creates an interesting twist on the traditional roast chicken recipe by baking his chicken in hay. Hay baking has become a popular cooking method in recent years with many top chefs adopting the technique to add an interesting depth of flavour and new dimension to traditional flavours such as roast chicken.

Tom pairs his hay-baked chicken recipe with a whole roasted celeriac.

Tom surrounds his chicken in a number of ingredients and herbs including bay leaf, whole garlic cloves and salt and pepper. He wraps the chicken and the other ingredients in muslin before placing in a pan with stock and cider and surrounding with the hay. The lid is placed on the casserole tin and roasts in the oven until cooked.

Once cooked, the chicken is taken out of the oven and left in the pot with the lid on for up to 45 minutes to allow the flavour of the hay to soak into the flesh.

Tom uses the cooking juices from his hay-baked chicken to make the gravy.

Tips for Tom Kerridge’s Hay-baked Chicken

  • Make sure your hay is clean and suitable for cooking with
  • Use a flameproof casserole pot.
  • The chicken is cooked when the juices run clear.
  • Always rest your chicken for tender meat.
  • Use the cooking juices from the hay-baked chickento make your gravy