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Tom Kerridge’s Pork belly roast

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Pork belly is such an underrated and underused cut of meat. When cooked properly it’s one of the most succulent and tasty pieces of pork you can eat, and it comes with all of the things people love about pork, crackling, fat and lovely tender meat.

Tom partners his roast pork belly with lentil and a cabbage salsa that will cut through the fat and add a sharp hit to the lovely rounded flavours of the pork and lentils. And, let’s not forget about the crackling! Get Tom Kerridge’s very own secrets on the perfect crackling.

Tips on making the perfect roast pork belly

  • Slow roast your pork belly to reduce the fat content and create beautiful tender flesh.
  • Rest your pork belly for at least 30 minutes under tin foil.