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Tom Kerridge - Spiced Orange Cake with Plum Sauce

Try Something a little different for dessert after Christmas lunch this year with Tom Kerridge's Spiced Orange Cake recipe. Plumb Sauce and Christmas pudding ice cream, it's a lighter option but still has all of the spicy and fruity flavours you expect from Christmas.

The recipe is actually quite simple with only three main elements, the spiced orange cake, the plum sauce and the Christmas pudding ice cream, and you don't need any special tools to make it either, just a food processor and a 24cm loaf tin.

Another advantage of Tom's cake recipe is that you can make everything a few days in advance meaning Christmas day cooking has one thing less to worry about.

For the plum sauce Tom makes what is almost a jam, by simmering all of the ingredients until the plums are pureed and then putting them into a food processor to get a lovely smooth sauce. We would suggest adding star anise to this recipe as it goes so well with the other ingredients.

For the spiced orange cake, Tom boils oranges in water for around 2 houra before de-seeding and whizzing up in a food processor. The pulp from the oranges forms the basis of the cake mix which he then bakes. Adding the orange peel adds a real bitter orange flavour to the cake which goes perfectly with the sweet plum sauce.

Tips for Tom Kerridge's Spiced Orange Cake

  • Use a combination of fresh and ground ginger for a more intense and spicy hit.
  • You will know when your spiced orange cake is ready because it will become firmer and will start to come away from the sides of your baking tin.
  • The cake should be very moist inside so don't test it with a skewer.
  • To stop the exposed top of the orange cake from burning, place a piece of tin foil over the top after 40 minutes baking.
  • You can store your spiced orange cake for up to 3 days so you can get it baked and ready in time for christmas day.