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Tom Kerridge - Turkey roll with Christmas crumble


Christmas lunch is such an important meal to get right. The expectation from family and friends is always high, and the last thing you want to serve up is a big dry turkey. 

Tom Kerridge has come to the rescue with his turkey roll recipe by taking the meat off the bone and filling it with a gorgeous sage and onion stuffing, you are assured a moist flavoursome and pleasing Christmas turkey. As the bones have been removed, you can use them to create a winderful rich gravy, and this can be started up to 2 days in advance, reducing the time spent in the kitchen on Christmas day.

Turkey roll has been a favourite off the shelf alternative to the traditional roast turkey recipe for a long time. It's easier to cook, and comes ready prepared meaning the Christmas lunch cook gets some time with the family. Tom's turkey roll recipes needs a bit more work than the supermarket version but will be so much more pleasing, and with a bit of planning, will still allow plenty of time with the family.

Top tips for Tom Kerridge's Turkey Roll recipe

  • Use an instant read thermometer for testing your turkey roll.
  • You can make your gravy a day or two in advance and store it in the fridge. Use the bones from the turkey to get lots of flavour.
  • It may be cheating, but you could use a packet of sage and onion stuffing if you're really pushed for time.
  • When making the gravy, use a large metal spoon to skim off excess fat.